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Taking care of latex

We want to give you some practical tips to take good care of your purchased latex clothing. And to ensure that your clothing stays beautiful.


What causes latex to break quickly? Mainly by sharp objects or sharp nails! So before you put on your latex clothes take off jewelry, watches, rings, etc. and put on again after putting on the latex clothes. Nails are a problem. Always put on your clothing with your finger tips and not with your nails. Sounds difficult, but practice makes perfect.

Especially tight latex clothing is difficult to pull over your skin. There are tools for this. The oldest way is talcum powder. Put a little talcum powder in it and then shake it so that the powder distributes. Another possibility is the liquid agents, spray your clothing with policy. Be careful not to get anything on your floor, not even in the shower or bath. The floor becomes very slippery! So it is advisable to put your latex outfit on the floor on a large towel and then spray it on.

Take off latex clothing again

To remove the latex clothes after your party is not easy. Our tip is: Take it out in the shower. Let water run into your outfit and this makes it easier to take off. Do want to point out that you put latex socks or shoes very carefully in the shower. It becomes so slippery that you slip very quickly.

Washing and drying

Like other clothing, latex clothing needs care and regular maintenance. Cleaning latex is very important and actually very easy. But you can also do many things wrong.

Almost everyone has their own tips for washing latex clothes, but we all have one thing in common: the cleaning agent must be as simple as possible. It is particularly important that no detergent with perfume additives is used. Cleaning agents with moisturizing ingredients must absolutely be avoided!

The easiest way is a detergent. But this should not contain perfume or skin care ingredients. Another way is with a simple shampoo. The best shampoo is suitable for small children without additives and then rinse with lukewarm water.

The clothing must be dried after washing the latex. The washed outfit must be hung loosely so that the water can drain away. Because latex is not permeable to water, turn your outfit over after one side is dry so that the other side can dry well. It is important that the zipper is also completely dry, also between the teeth of the zipper. Only when the outfit is completely dry can it also be saved!

If necessary, you can lightly apply latex powder to the inside of the clothing to prevent it from sticking.

Storage and storage

We all want our clothes to last as long as possible. This means that your clothes must be stored properly. We have compiled a few tips:

1. Latex clothing must be hung dark.

2. Large items of clothing must hang on a hanger.

3. Latex with different colors must be separated.

4. Metal parts on latex outfits must be covered.

We want to wish you a lot of pleasure with your latex clothing!

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