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All our clothing is tailor-made for you,without surcharge , so we do not have S, M, XL or XXL

In the last step of the order, state your measurements that are necessary for the chosen product.  


How to take measurements?

Things you need to know and a friend to help you. It is easier and more precise if you take your own measurements.

Here you can see one of the many measuring cards that you can find online:

The most important thing about a measurement chart is that you can read it and have all the measurements.

(You must always ensure that, if you want something tailored to a latex manufacturer, you are accurate with the dimensional sketches they provide.)

TIP 1.The person should not be more than underwear while taking measurements to get exact results.

TIP 2. Take a ribbon or something similar that you can tie around the waist. This is one of the anchor points that you must refer to most of the time. (Makes it easier for you to find that point again!)

TIP 3. While taking measurements, the measuring tape must not be loose, but do not pull too hard just because it is too late.

Some examples for performing the measurements:

1. Waist

Place the measuring tape around the ribbon and take the measurement from there.

2. Chest / Chest

It is usually sufficient to take the measurements over the opposite point of the chest. For women you have to take the bust, bust and underbust to make it precise.

3. Hips Postures for the hip should actually be taken at the point where your hip bones are, but in many cases you will see a little further down on measurement charts. In that case they actually ask for the unlikely point. No problem! Take the tape measure a little further down, so that's how you get your bum.

4. Neck to the waist Pull your head to your chest and try to feel it in the back of your neck that large bones protrude, this is the point from where to measure.

5. Arms

Your arms must be loose and relaxed during measurement.

B. Size lining from Adam's apple to crotch is measured to the bottom of your body, example of this point is the crotch in jeans visible at the bottom in the photo

7. Shoulder width

The official way to measure your shoulder width is to measure joint-to-joint from shoulder tip to shoulder tip. This can be done with your back facing your friend who holds up a measuring tape.

8. Head

Main measurements are made just above the ears.