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Express service

If you need something urgently, we offer an EXPRESS SERVICE at an additional cost.

The express service means that the order is shipped (not delivered) within 6 working days after payment *

NOTE: We do not interrupt our existing production schedule for Express orders. This service is only performed on an "overtime" basis. This means that we will not delay our current orders by fitting Express orders into production as it would be unfair to other customers. Instead, I work extra hours in the evenings or on weekends to fulfill your request.

add an express service to your shopping cart and we will process your order with express service.

Small latex: € 15

(Masks, briefs, pants, short skirt)

Medium latex € 30

(leggings, shirts, long pants, bodysuit)

Large latex €. 40

(Catsuit, sleeping bag, dog suit, inflatables, straight jackets)

Express Service middle  latex
Express Service small  latex
Express Service small  latex
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