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Hello! My name is Elena and welcome to my website for high quality handmade latex clothing! Here you will find a variety of our latex items including catsuits, straight jackets, dresses, corsets and other garments for both men and women. We also make hoods, inflatables and other custom items from the best quality latex and ship our latex items worldwide from our workshop. Our employees work hard every day of the week to turn your latex designs into the final product.

I am originally from Russia, and after many years of having a shop in England I now live in Dirkshorn with my Dutch husband, where I now make latex clothing at home. As a result, it is not possible to visit us or we take care of measuring the clothing. We have a clear manual for this in our shop.

I don't use expensive models, so some photos are not original of mine. This allows us to continue to offer our latex at the best possible price!


We try to post as many photos of clothing as we receive or take them.

We hope you find something you like!

Elena and the team